A Tale of Two Lambs

To those who know the story of Jesus’ death on the cross as payment for the sins of the world, my book might seem redundant. The story is told through a group of barnyard animals and Farmer Dave. The story was originally read to a class of 3-5-year-olds. It is probably 3rd grade level reading. So many supernatural things happened along the way to getting it published. To find out some of them, see this post from October 21. And God is so amazing! I realized new insights about the story as I worked on the book!Farmer Dave calls the animals together and begins to tell the story….the animals all chime in with parts that they know too. Little Lamb finds out that in the old days, lambs were sacrificed to pay for sin. He shudders at that fact, but by the end of the story, Little Lamb realizes that lambs no longer have to die for sins because Jesus not only saved mankind from their sins with His own sacrifice, He also saved lambs from EVER having to be sacrificed again. And now Little Lamb loves Jesus too.

Cool, huh!

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