Following The Holy Spirit

I published a children’s book in the spring of 2013. I actually had written the story several years earlier while I was teaching 3-5 year olds at church. Easter came around and I prayed for a way to teach them the lesson about the Resurrection. God gave me a way to teach it using the barnyard critters from Fischer-Price. And Farmer Dave, of course. Anyway, with 4-5 little ones in the class, I think they enjoyed watching the toys be part of the story, and of course, they wanted to play with them. It was better than just relating a story verbally. That just wouldn’t do.

I put the story away and after sharing it with a friend, she said I should publish it. I pondered that for a long time in my heart, unsure of the direction I should go. And anyway, there was no money to publish it. But that was not a problem for God!

In the spring of 2012, I started to feel “stirrings” about the book. Up until that time, I really never thought about it at all. But then I started thinking about it. A lot. But I still had no money to have the illustrations done. In June of 2012, a job literally fell into my lap “supernaturally” (cause that’s how God works, right?) I won’t bore you with all the details, but suffice it to say, I was led by Him through the whole process that got me into the job. So, for a few months, I was learning the job, and thinking about the book. I had a girl in mind to do my illustrations, but I had not talked to her yet about it. One day I was in New Harmony, IN at some event (can’t remember now) and I was talking to a friend. At the same time we were talking, I could literally feel the Holy Spirit jumping up and down inside of me (if there is such a thing!) and indicating “She’s the one.” Could have surprised me! It had never occurred to me to ask Jamie to illustrate the book. I think I said something to her that day to the effect of “Perhaps you can write children’s books.” I approached her later about doing it; she agreed and we were off to the races! Our deadline for release of the book was spring of 2013, just in time for Easter!

I’d like to stop here and just say, this is not normally how the Holy Spirit gets things across to me. This event was unusual. He seemed very emphatic about Jamie doing the illustrations. I think He wanted to be sure I was “getting the message!” And I think He wanted me to know that I was definitely hearing from Heaven! And I know there are reasons He wanted Jaime to do it.

I listen for God. I listen for God all the time. I am acutely aware that I do not have all (if any) of the answers and that He does! I made such a mess of my life before I got to know Him. Life has been so much better after that! So I value His wisdom. I want His take on things. My gosh, who wouldn’t? He’s the Guy who created everything! He is infinite and omniscient. He knows the future. He has the plan for my life as well as everyone else’s. I can’t help but rely on Him. He’s the smartest Person I know!

Jamie and I worked through the fall months on the book. I was able to pay her a decent salary for her work. We got into January 2013 and were a bit behind on our deadline, but it worked out just fine. The books arrived faster than we anticipated. The whole process went very smoothly. I always say “This is Jesus’ book.” All I did was cooperate.

I’ll talk about the story soon.

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