Hi. My name is Katherine Sands. I’m a blogger (with three blogs, to be exact!), wife, lover of God, supporter of all things and issues that are godly. I have walked with God and been filled with the Holy Spirit for over 30 years now. The school of the Spirit is awesome! Yes, there have been extremely hard and trying times in this school, but Jesus is always faithful and loving. May I learn to be more like Him every day and may you too.

I have a secret desire in my heart. It has been there a long time.  It is from God. This blog is the beginning of the expression of it. You, the readers, should all of you get here who are assigned by Jesus to be here, will be the ones who decide if I am seeing that desire fulfilled. I believe God will make it happen because He is the one Who instigated all of this anyway!

We live in a tumultuous world…a world spoken of in Scripture as a time when right would be considered wrong and wrong would be considered right. Even in the church, this is happening. Standards from the word of God are being cast aside in favor of worldly ways. I have learned things in the School of the Spirit that are not “in vogue,” shall we say? But Jesus told me, and it is Him I listen to.

There is a lack in our congregations, a lack of true spiritual relationship and fellowship, a lack of true “fathers” and “mothers” in the faith. There is a gap, and dare I say a lack of esteem for the spiritual value of those who have walked with God for many years and have experienced His victory and faithfulness. I do not see young people seeking wisdom from those the bible says have the wisdom.

In the bible, the apostle Paul felt responsible for the churches he started. He was a true “father”…he truly LOVED the church; they were his children. Anyone who truly loves the church grieves to see it go astray. This is Jesus’ Bride! She is to be making herself holy and getting ready for the marriage supper of the Lamb! Because surely, the Bridegroom is coming at a time we know not when. Read Matthew 24-25. Don’t be a sleepy virgin. Serve Him and serve Him well. He is worth it all.

We are in trying times. I fear that many will fall. I appeal to the young people. I have many things I could share with you. I have been through many years of sin, and now many years of restoration in God, but, like Jesus said to his apostles, perhaps you cannot hear it now. But after your life is destroyed by following the world’s ways, perhaps you will then hear.  Marriages are falling apart and children’s lives are the cost. God has a lot of work to do to put our country’s children back together again. Oh, He’s totally able, not to worry. Where sin does abound, grace much more abounds! I want to know MORE about this verse!

There is a better way to have a good life.

“These essays, the lessons that I write about on this blog are written as if we sat down at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee and started to study together. I hope you feel as if you could sit down and talk these things over with me! I love learning from the Word of God. I probably take it for granted that you know who I’m talking about when I say Joseph, or Joshua, Moses, or David. These are heroes of faith and most people know stories about them, from songs or VBS classes from our younger days. I hope that I give enough information to you about who these people are. They are not fairy tales. They are real people who lived through things and their faith and their deeds are recorded and still teach us how to live today.”Katherine Sands, June 29, 2020

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