Hearing God

Oh my. Joseph Prince never fails to WOW me! I have lots of half hour messages from him recorded and yesterday decided to play one in the morning while getting ready for work. Are you ready for this one?Let me set the scene…Jesus has been fasting for 40 days. This was right after he was baptized in the Jordan River when the Holy Spirit showed up in the form of a dove and a voice from heaven was heard affirming that this is God’s Son. He is then driven into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. That is what the bible says.

After 40 days, the devil came and said to Him…IF you are the Son of God, turn these stones into bread….Jesus is hungry, to say the least. First temptation is to cast doubt on what God had said to Him when he was baptized. I saw this a long time ago. But what I didn’t see was this: that by telling Jesus to turn the STONES into bread, the devil was tempting Him to “turn to the law” for his nourishment instead of the Word of God. The law was written on “tablets of stone,” so stones represent the law.

Wow! I just love getting revelation from God!

On a different note, one of the teachers who has put foundations in my life was killed in a plane crash last week. His wife was with him and she too was killed. I am so saddened by it all. We lost a general.

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2 Responses to Hearing God

  1. Karen Turner says:

    What a thought about the stones…..


  2. kathy says:

    Isn’t it? Do you listen to him? He has wonderful revelations about grace and the law.


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