Find Out Where God Wants You…Yes, It’s That Important!

Following up a bit on my previous post…our world is in dire straits right now. Wow. Who would have thought that a deadly virus from across the Atlantic would find its way to our country?

My husband and I listen to prophetic people who we consider to be credible voices to the church. They hear things from God that most others do not, things about the future. The Bible says that we need prophetic people (voices) to tell the church what is coming to help the people prepare. There is a whole list of giftings that God’s word says we need in order to grow up into Him. Ephesians 4:11

One of the prophetic guys we listen to says it is time for every Christian to find their place in the Body of Christ and to be in relationship with the people they are supposed to have in their lives. This is because we will be needing each other in the times ahead. Our strength lies #1, in our relationship with the Lord, and #2, in our relationships with each other. And I have a scripture for that as well as some insight from God about it. “…in Him the whole body, joined and knit together by what every joint supplies, according to the effective working by which every part does its share, causes growth of the body for the edifying of itself in love.” New King James version

In other words, your whole natural body is joined and knit together and made up of distinct parts, and when those parts all work together, it causes the body to run smoothly. When it speaks about “what every joint supplies,” I believe it infers that there is more strength where two “parts” come together (two believers). Just think about that with your arm. Would you be stronger if your arm was just one continuous bone? Or is it made stronger by the joint that is formed where two bones come together? Paul uses the human body in that whole passage as a picture of how the Body of Christ is to work.

I think I observed a bit of this last night in operation…a group of Christians from at least 2 or three churches, put up a tent, set up a huge grill, cooked hamburgers and hotdogs, nachos, cheese and chili, and started feeding people. Then another one showed up with a popcorn maker. Then another one showed up with hot chocolate! This group has been doing this for some time, I believe. But what made an impression on me is how everyone seemed to know their job and went about it…it was a beautiful example of this passage of Scripture. Then there was a movie for the community too, called God’s Not Dead. Perfect.

I think God has put me in a family (finally!). I am learning a lot. I am meeting new people all the time. Perhaps these are who I am destined to be with in these troubled times…to be connected to, in relationship with. Find your family in God. It could be just THAT important.

Still keeping it as real as I can….

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2 Responses to Find Out Where God Wants You…Yes, It’s That Important!

  1. Kinny Hunt says:

    Such a a great message for these days Kathy! Is there a way to post it to facebook on my timeline? Is it ok for me to copy and share it?


  2. kathy says:

    Of course you can, Kinny. Direct them to the blog too…if you just post a link on FB, they can go there. If you post the link, it will go hot and give them the beginning of the post….


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