Give Them Something to Drink

We have some great teachers in the Body of Christ. We have great teachers in the church I attend. Then there are teachers given to the larger Body of Christ that literally have “quenched my thirst” and “fed my soul.” Studying their materials was like drinking deeply of God. Not sure why that is, except that they are a gift from the Lord to me personally. And perhaps they were meeting my own personal needs at the time. The revelation of God’s word that they share is manna from heaven. Without them, I would not be where I am today with God.

Only one of them have I personally met and visited his facility in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Author, pastor, and teacher Francis Frangipane has been a foundation-builder in my life. His most well-known book is “The Three Battlegrounds,” but he has authored several more, written an online training program that is training people around the world, and is a leader of pastors, hosting conferences and encouraging the Body of Christ to come together and pray. He’s also extremely funny and his stories of his encounters with Jesus encourage me to seek to know Him more. He is a good God with a real sense of humor! It makes one almost envious!

Another one died before I got saved, but his writings and teachings from a Chinese prison live on, edifying me and hopefully so many others.

A third gift to me is from the Bahamas. (I hope they are doing well after the hurricane went through.) Dr. Myles Munro taught me about purpose, with teaching about God knowing the end from the beginning, how God is like a manufacturer who sets out to create something that He needs to do a specific thing, and how He creates it with everything that is needed to fulfill that purpose. Our world is crying out for answers to “Why am I here?” I am sooooo grateful for Dr. Munro’s input.

There are others who had lesser influence on my life, but these are the main ones, the ones who gave me far more than a cup of water of the word of God that quenched my thirst and nourished my soul. I will eternally be grateful.

There is a new one in my life….and, if I am to learn anything about the teachers who have been brought my way, I must deduce that God wants me to know more about His grace! Because again, manna from heaven has been falling and a thirst I didn’t know I had is being quenched…I’ll share more on that in the future.

And He gave some as apostles, and some as prophets, and some as evangelists, and some as pastors and teachers, for the equipping of the saints for the work of service, to the building up of the body of Christ;…Ephesians 4:11-12.

Editor’s note: I hesitated and did not plan to give the names of these teachers in this post because I realize that everyone receives from different teachers, but I honor their work, their faithfulness and their credibility. If passing on their names and websites helps anyone else, then I am well satisfied.

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