I was Lucky!

I was lucky to get this domain name…dogtags and pearls. By lucky I mean Living Under Christ’s Kingdom. Get it? It only came to me this morning as I put on my dog tag necklace with parts of Psalm 23 on it and decided to accompany it with my pearl earrings. Hmmm….dogtags and pearls, the plain accompanied by the precious. It made me think about how it is so easy to judge the outsides of people and miss the precious that is on the inside. We all do it. C’mon…you know you do. I grew up doing it! I think somehow I was taught it by someone….not by my grandparents because they didn’t do that sort of thing. Maybe it’s just something the fallen ugly nature has to do.

My grandmother taught me what was on the inside was faaaarrrrrrr more important than what is on the outside. And that is what I have concentrated on since I started to know Jesus. Let’s say I have probably neglected some things on the outside because they aren’t the main thrust of why I exist, but I will need God’s help to change those things. I am a work in progress.

People judge me by the outside and miss the precious that is on my inside. Where I live, I know they do. And I am dismissed from their radar as not worth knowing. Our world is mostly concerned about the superficial, and Appearances are Everything. To those people I say, I’m really sorry we will never get to know each other in a more intimate way. I enjoy people (for the most part!) and I enjoy getting to know people. I know in the past I have done this very same thing to others too, but I really want Jesus to change all that. I don’t want to miss the precious in anyone, because I might really need what someone can share with me. I learn so much from people when I take the time to listen and really HEAR. And God speaks through people.

So that’s why I decided to write this blog. Since I don’t have anyone around I can share much of my precious with, I shall share it with YOU! Stay tuned….there is so much to talk about! I hope you are edified by what I write. God is sooooo good, there is no reason not to know Him today.

Keeping it as real as I can…

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