Intercession….Not Everyone Flies a Plane

In wartime, there are divisions of soldiers. Not everyone flies a plane and clears the skies…there are ground soldiers who go in and finish battles where the planes are unable to, but the air war  is meant to destroy a majority of the enemy’s weapons, and weaken and demoralize the ground forces. So with that said…who is the “air force,” who clears the skies in a spiritual battle in the heavenlies? The intercessors, those who know how to war in the heavenlies.

The ground troops are those without those skills, who understand “ground” movement and activity. That would be the forces who can deal with the “clean up.” So we must call our spiritual “air force” to clear out the heavenlies, so the “ground crew” can come in afterwards.

The demonic forces are amassing for a kill in our country. They seem to be growing in strength.

There was a little prayer group meeting in England when the country was being bombed in WW2 by Adolph Hitler’s forces. Intercessor Rees Howells had a little prayer group going on and there were probably others, but this one has been documented in a book called, “Rees Howell, Intercessor” by Norman Grubb. England was on the brink of falling to Hitler’s air assault. To this day, historians scratch their heads wondering what made him turn back when victory for the Nazis was so close….perhaps we know.

The view from the air provides the big picture understanding of what’s going on below as one can see all the action in a wide circumference, whereas from the ground level, one only sees basically what is right in front of them. It is a smaller viewpoint. It’s the same spiritually. When one is “seated in Heavenly places” as the book of Ephesians (2;6) declares is actually the position of the born-again believer, they are able to “see” things differently and in a larger perspective.

If my very limited understanding of military strategy is correct, the point of the air force is to diminish, destroy, and demean the strength and advantages of the enemy forces below, to take out those advantages as much as they can. In other words, from the air, the air force can see and destroy all the weapons and forces. During the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, more than 30 American warships were either sunk or damaged to varying degrees by Japanese kamikazes. The American air force in Hawaii was all but wiped out and many men died. At that time, they took out our ability for planes to take off from those ships and come after them. They took away our ability to respond to those attacks. It was a devastating assault.

The air force helps make it safer and easier for the ground forces to come in and and do the needed hand to hand combat with an enemy after they have been diminished in such a manner. The Japanese in WW2 were a force to be reckoned with because they were willing to die for whatever lies they had been told by their government. That’s what kamikaze pilots were…suicide bombers.

As Christians, we too must “love not our lives unto death” and be willing to give our all to follow our Lord and Savior into battle no matter where that may take us. The United States is built upon hearts such as these who “loved not their lives unto death.” Blood has built this nation and may very well be what it will take to sustain it.

My point is, we each one of us have a job to do if we are to save our country from the spiritual forces currently besetting it. We all can pray, of course. But some of us will be “air force” warriors who will spend all or most of their time on the “air battle.” Some of us will be “ground forces.” We need to report for duty to our King Jesus and find out what our task will be. It’s an “all hands on deck” time in our nation’s history, much like previous times of national emergency have been. It may truly be a time such as was spoken of in Amos where “There are those who turn justice into bitterness and cast righteousness to the ground.” (Amos 5:7)

Dear Jesus: We see the upheaval in our country and for some of us, it is frightening. We look for answers and we look to You for our help. “Where does my help come from? It comes from the Lord, the Maker of Heaven and Earth.” Psalm 121:1. Give us our assignments in Your army each day as we take our places in this war between the kingdom of light and the kingdom of darkness. Strengthen us each day as we look to You and Your word for our strength and direction. You are our only hope, Jesus.

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