Believe it or Not, God is “Diverse”

Diversity….a term we have heard much about lately, although other words have superseded it now, such as identity (politics), intersectionality (whatever that is) and the like.

I’m going to make the easily provable case that God, even though He stays the same (as the scripture says) is actually diverse…and He enjoys our differences…because He made us this way!

I am an artistic person. As I have studied the elements of art, I have become enamored with CONTRAST. What is contrast? Contrast is the variety, the DIFFERENCE, between things. If one is an observer of art of any kind and will take the time to study and determine whether they like something or not, and then ask themselves why they like it or don’t like it, they can learn a great deal about the elements of art and perhaps, themselves.

I love CONTRAST, VARIETY. Why? Because it is so much more INTERESTING.

Several years ago I engaged in a color class via a book. In the book , the author in one section, compared quilts in a limited palette color scheme, a complementary color scheme, and a more varied color scheme using, what she termed a “deep dark” and a “zinger” color.

Oh my, what a DIFFERENCE! And as I viewed them side by side, I was definitely impressed by how much more interesting the more DIVERSE quilt was. The others were beautiful, no complaint there, but INTEREST? That award went to the most DIVERSE color scheme quilt.

Now, how does God figure in this conversation?

Well, let’s first look at nature….look at all the DIFFERENT animals. Look at all the DIFFERENT grasses, trees, flowers, etc. Look at the range of colors and textures. Really study, and note all of the varieties of characteristics displayed in the marvelous creative garden we live in. Now let’s look at the people. People are all DIFFERENT too. We are different colors, different races, different heights, different weights, different cultures, different talents, different in structure…etc. We think differently, according to our culture and upbringing. Consider that everyone has their own separate fingerprint…none are duplicated. How is that not amazing? There are over 7 billions people on the planet, all with different fingerprints! I have heard it said snowflakes are each one DIFFERENT too, but has anyone been able to prove it, I am not sure. Earth is a reflection of Heaven. Man is a reflection of God.

Can you see where I’m gong with this? God approves of our DIFFERENCES; He made us this way. He enjoys it. So why do we have so many issues with those who are DIFFERENT from us? May I submit to you that the answer to that is because we are not seeing things the way God sees them, and that is our problem.

I would also submit to you that God is an Artist!

In the book of Genesis, read that He: created light, then separated the light from the darkness. Well, there’s some contrast for you. He separated the waters from the firmament or the sky…contrast. He spoke to the dry land and all forms of differing creatures appear. He spoke to the waters and again, all forms of differing creatures appear. He spoke to the ground and all forms of diverse vegetations and trees appear with seeds in them so that they can reproduce. He created His man, Adam and then formed Eve as a companion similar, but different, for him.

So, I submit to you, that just as God made a diverse world with all of its elements of creation and then put man here to live, that contrast and diversity actually make our world so much more interesting and creative than a world where everyone thinks alike, looks alike, dresses alike, etc. We need to make room for the differences in people and embrace it, just like God does.

Pray with me: Dear Jesus, Help me to see this world as You see it! Help me to embrace what You embrace and to love as You love. I want to fulfill the plan You have for my life  here in the earth and to help bring Your kingdom here. Thank You for everything You have done for me.

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