Let’s Talk About Healing

Psalm 103 says Bless the Lord O my soul and forget not HIS benefits, who has forgiven all of our sins and healed all of our diseases…How many sins has He forgiven? How many diseases has He healed? The answer is ALL.

Hebrews, Chapter 1, says Jesus is the express image of the Father. So if we want to know what the will of God is, look at Jesus. Jesus only did what He saw the Father doing….so He healed everyone who came to Him. If I just stopped there, that is enough to get your body healed! That statement reveals the will of God. And for good measure, ponder this: your body was created to never die.

Yep. Do you have an immune system? Yes, we all do. Well what does the immune system do? It fights sickness and disease when your body is attacked. Think logically. So if God created man’s body with a system in place that fights sickness and disease, can we safely say that health is His will for us? I believe so. And I believe the immune system is a witness that His word is true.

So how about this story from the Scriptures. Matthew 8:2-3 A leper comes up to Jesus and says, “If You are willing, you can make me clean.” Jesus touched him and said “I AM WILLING. Be clean.” It just doesn’t get any better than that.

A woman with an issue of blood (Luke 8:43-48) had spent all her money on the doctors, but could not find healing. No one could heal her. Now she’s broke and still sick, still bleeding. She had one last place to go…she had heard about this healer in Israel. She wasn’t even supposed to be in public, as the bleeding made her technically “unclean” according to Israel’s laws. She was breaking the law by being out in public and she wasn’t supposed to be touching people (hmmm…sort of like what we are going through right now with this virus). She pressed through the crowd around Jesus. It was so crowded that when He stopped and asked “Who touched me?” His disciples thought He was crazy because there were so many people around Him. But what He meant was, “Who touched Me in faith.” He had felt power leave His body and He wanted to know who got it!

Can we press through like that? Do we want it badly enough or does having doctors and medicine give us an “out?” I think it makes it easy for us to slide on this one, but if you lived in a country where there were no or few doctors available and few or no availability of medicines, what would we do? There wouldn’t be a choice. We would be in desperate straits. Sometimes I think we are not desperate enough to exercise our faith because we have other options. Sometimes we may believe it is too much work to exercise our faith.

What if going to a doctor or getting medicines gets really hard in our country? I’m sure lots of other countries experience that. Will we be ready?

Pray with me: Jesus, help me to grasp Your word and Your will for my life. I see now I need to exercise my faith is a greater way.  Just as I can lose strength in my muscles if I don’t exercise them, my faith works the same way.  If I don’t exercise it, I will lose strength. I want to be fit and ready to perform what You need me to do in the Earth. Illuminate my heart to see You work in my life. I will study Your word to gain understanding. Thank You for saving me and for everything You do in my life.







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