Important Information for Our Times

I am going to stick this post to the top of this page with links to what I believe are important messages for the days we are currently living in. I will keep adding to it as long as the prophetic people are talking.

Posted November 16 – Very important information!

(You may have to copy and paste as FB may be prohibiting the link)

Posted November 11, 2020 – Lance Wallnau encourages the church in “I’ve Got Good News!”

Posted October, 31, 2020–Sid Roth speaking with two prophetic people. Must see!

Midnight Watch – Breaking News Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Are we like Jonah running away from the word of repentance to America? Should we not go first? Then speak boldly?

What will it take to get our attention?

How’s this?….

Kansas City Mayor (D) just warned every church to be prepared to turn in “a detailed list of every person who enters their building for services, including name, phone number, and address, so city officials can use it for surveillance and tracking purposes. Failure to comply could result in UP TO 6 MONTHS IN JAIL and the CHURCH being completely SHUT DOWN.”

Read Mario Murillo Ministries blog! (But never read Mario or David Lane “American Renewal Project” before bed.)

We heard language like this from the NY Mayor and others. But Kansas City? Home of International House of Prayer?

Last time a government did this they required a Star of David sewn on the garment.

Remember when the mayor of Houston tried to make Pastors turn in their sermon notes to be inspected for politically incorrect content offensive to liberals? We shove these things to the back of our memories because we don’t want to deal with them.

American jobs and religious freedoms are being destroyed by politicians, not by a virus.

Why is this happening? God is allowing this for a reason. It is our American wake up call.

In Passover we decreed we would pass over into all God promised. By Pentecost Sunday, May 31, we will be contending for a mighty move of God and the reopening of America to the Holy Spirit!

Join me in prayer on this broadcast.

Midnight Hour Passover Service with Lance Wallnau plus Chuck Pierce’s Prophecy April 9, 2020

What Prophetic Time is This? Lance Wallnau and Larry Sparks  April 9, 2020 

The Time of Passover Seder and Trump’s Big Decision   April 8, 2020

Prophetic Interview with Lance Wallnau and Mario Murillo – April 6, 2020

The Trump Whisperer: Lance Wallnau Decodes Lates Briefing April 6, 2020

Will God Intervene to save America by Passover? March 30, 2020

Covid-19: What are the Prophets Saying? Lance Wallnau, Shawn Bolz, Mario Murillo, Johnny Enlow, More   March 16, 2020

The one below is a discussion on the recent IL Supreme Court FOID card decision handed down in the case of People v Brown. The decision was handed down on April 2, 2020.

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