The President, CoronaVirus, and the Economy

I don’t believe the President will let the economy be destroyed. We should be back up and operating in two weeks or so. That is my prediction. That gives enough time for REAL information and statistics to come out about the spreading of the novel Corona Virus.

Currently, the whole state of Illinois is shut down and the virus is only noticeably spreading in the Cook County area. Saturday, of about 4700 tests done, the confirmed cases were 588 (12.5%), with 6 deaths (1%). The highest concentration (and only concentration) of the confirmed cases is in Cook County and surrounding areas. That is to be expected with Chicago being such a large population center. So much so, they control the politics of the whole state. Lesser, single cases, at most 5 or so, have been determined in downstate Illinois, with even less in the far southern and eastern half. Two highly populated counties across from St. Louis, Madison and St. Clair, still show only 1- 3 cases after the first reporting of those 4-5 days ago. Spreading is not happening, unless increased testing shows us otherwise.

Of course, when the President determines that industry should start up again, the progressive, nutty media will scream in holy terror. Too bad for them. People will be desperate to get back to work and will ignore their prognostications, eventually finding them to be totally made up. I am always suspicious of “the sky is falling” people. You should be too.

Spiritually speaking, President Trump poked the Chinese dragon with his tariffs and decoupling from that country. The “dragon” struck back, but his tactics will fail. Of course China is laughing in their tea cups, but it does not matter, because this thing is on takedown. The Church has responded and is on the increase. The Democrat party is on the decrease, with conservative Democrat voters changing sides because of the madness. Ask me how I know. I am a poll worker in my precinct. Voters talk. I can see they are having a hard time staying with the Democrat party. The country has had a scare. Now many are turning away from evil and the Democrats’ Socialist agenda.

I read this morning that 21 million cell phone accounts in China have been canceled and 840,000 land lines closed. Beijing authorities announced this, but since they are so unreliable and devious, I can’t say I am sure about it. They usually don’t reveal things that make them look bad, unless by some warped brain fluke, they don’t think this does that. It is speculated by the writer that the deaths of coronavirus victims may be the cause. That makes sense.

The coming week should prove interesting as more testing is done in the U.S. and more statistics come out. We will know more by next weekend about how this thing is going. Hang on to your hats, because the lame stream media really wants to milk this for all it’s worth. We haven’t seen them tone it down yet, have we?

UPDATE: Well, here we are almost a year later, and obviously my prognostication was way off! In the beginning of the pandemic as we all found ourselves on unfamiliar ground, I at first mused that this was some type of “trial run.” But after three months into this thing, I realized this was the REAL DEAL. It was not a trial run….this was a true attempted “fundamental change” in our country.

I write this in February 2021 after United States citizens have suffered violent assaults on their properties and businesses as state government mandated complete shut downs and violent mobs worked tirelessly and without consequences. Today the whole country is still wearing masks for a virus with a 99.9% (for most people) recovery rate. Thousands of citizens have dies, while medical authorities and the media have made sure they were denied a simple, long used, and easily available drug. The world is truly upside down.

We have also now experienced the stealing of a presidential election on November 3, 2020, while most downstate races saw conservatives win. Congressional races sent all republican candidates to Congress, increasing their presence. Then we witnessed our courts refusing to look at the increasing amounts of evidence and witnesses who came forth and reported what they saw in that election. When did keeping Republican observers out of vote counting centers become legal? Our courts refused to examine the mounting evidence of election fraud as everyone looked the other way and denied hearings on “process.” Our own Supreme Court refuse to examine anything either. Not sure what THEY were thinking. We have watched several states break their own election laws in order to do away with protections on voting practices, so as to further enable fraud.

For law abiding citizens, these things are unthinkable. Then we watched the states who broke their own voting laws rush to certify the electors, and on January 6, 2021, we watched the US Congress certify those same illegal electors. And there’s, incredibly, more that the nation has been forced to watch. An inauguration with 30,000 National Guard troops in Washington, D.C. guarding the fence and razor wire encompassing the Capitol, and a second impeachment have all been seen in our recent past. The insanity that our rulers exhibit is truly stunning. May God help us all.

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