It had been on my mind….

It had been on my mind…to write a book….

It had been on my mind…to contact someone I had lost all information on…

It had been on my mind….to contact a lawyer concerning a certain case in our county….

It had been on my mind….to make the local newspaper smaller and push more content to the internet…

In all of these instances, supernatural things happened afterward to make the things “I had on my mind” come to pass.

The book…I had no money to publish. A job “landed” in my lap supernaturally and paychecks gave me what I needed to publish my first book.

The person I lost the information on…on Easter morning, 2019, I got up with a STRONG inclination to go look him up. I only knew he was a Baptist pastor in a neighboring town. I started my drive towards the town and did not reach the road to the town; instead I turned at a Baptist church sign I saw and as I drove by that church, his name was on the sign as the pastor. I made my contact AND got a story about a fire that morning. A two-fer.

The lawyer….there was a case in our county where a judge sat in on his brother-in-law’s hearing. That’s a no-no. This lawyer had filed all kinds of motions concerning this. After the judge retired, to write my story, I felt I really needed to talk to this high powered New York attorney, but figured her secretary would answer and I might not be able to get an audience, but tried anyway. SHE answered her own phone and talked to me for an hour about the case and what would be coming.

Changing things up on the paper….I’m still in the middle of that. Our local paper has stopped printing a paper issue and gone totally to the internet. It remains to be seen how successful that enterprise is, but…since I see what has happened with these other things that have “been on my mind,” I am optimistic!

My point in relating all of this is, if some idea has been on your mind for a while, don’t discount it. God may be (and probably is) leading you. Psalms 37:23 says, “The steps of the righteous are ordered of the Lord.” I have been walking with God for 30 plus years and renewing a new creation’s mind does take some time. The bible also says in 1 Corinthians chapter 2, that born again people now have the “mind of Christ.” His Holy Spirit lives in us and we have access to His thoughts. In all of these cases I related here, I believe it shows He was leading me; these things were what He was thinking. I was “accessing” His thoughts. They were in His plan. Jesus said to His disciples that He would no longer call them servants, they were now His friends, because He had told them everything the Father was doing. I love following the Holy Spirit.

Pray this: Dear Jesus and the triune Godhead. I trust Your plan for me and not my own plans. I am not able to see on my own what You have for my life, so I concede that Your plans for me are the best. Give me Your light so that I might see the path clearly that I am to travel. I want to serve Your kingdom here on earth in the best way I can and to hear “Well done, thou good and faithful servant” when I finally meet You face to face.

By the way, I have just finished my fourth book and will soon be done with a fifth. This blog has provided material for my two devotional books, Dogtags and Pearls and Dogtags and Pearls 2. It has been pure joy to put these essays in print relating the lessons I have learned about theĀ  kingdom of God. The other three books are children’s books. A Tale of Two Lambs was the first book that I mentioned above. The ABCs of Created Things was my second book, which I illustrated. I am now in the process of illustrating A Tale of Two Prophets. Hopefully, it will be published soon.

You can contact me directly on this blog to order my books, or go to as they are all listed there under my name.

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