What Happened to My Sin Nature?

The strength of sin is the law. I Cor. 15:56. Salvation takes us away from the legalistic “husband” (the law, that can only point out what is wrong with us, but never lifts a finger to help us) and marries us to another, Jesus Christ, a husband of grace and mercy who is always available and willing to help. We are now free to hear the Holy Spirit direct our lives and tell us what to do. There is no more condemnation because “God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself, NOT IMPUTING their trespasses against them.” 2 Cor. 5:19. See that? Even the sinners in the world today have free access to God if they can only believe it and embrace it. God is not holding anything back from anyone. He is not holding one thing against them. Heaven is wide open. The devil is working overtime assaulting their minds with condemnation, but God isn’t. He wants them to come. Condemnation keeps them away.

A long time ago in my Christian life, I used to say to God, Jesus had an edge on those of us who were trained up in sin. He grew up sinless. He never sinned. I, on the other hand, was always in trouble, sinning with my mouth usually, but in other ways too.  I couldn’t stop my nasty habit of smoking, either. So I used to tell God, Jesus just had an edge on us….He never had the sin nature inside, the propensity to sin, like we humans do. He wasn’t born with it, having come from a virgin birth and not through the bloodline of a father. One day I was making my usual argument to God, perhaps looking for an excuse for why I couldn’t stop the sin in my life. I distinctly heard the Holy Spirit say, “And you don’t have it (the sin nature) any more either.” Whoa! That is big! That means that now that I am saved, I’m just like Jesus was on the inside! And that is HUGE! That means I no longer “have” to sin.

Before anyone misunderstands, let me explain briefly what I mean when I say “sin nature.” It means my inner nature is bent towards sinning. I lean in that direction. My heart is uncleansed. Now that I am saved, my inner nature no longer desires to sin! My heart is cleansed and I don’t WANT to sin anymore. That is the great and wonderful thing about what Jesus did for us. I have been changed on the inside. I still have to deal with my flesh that is unruly and unchanged. But with my heart leading me towards God, and the Holy Spirit, I can win the battle over my flesh. And you can too! Experience God’s salvation and cleansing today! Say this prayer: Jesus, I ask you to forgive me of all my sins. I am truly sorry I have sinned against you. Come into my heart and change ME! Holy Spirit, come and fill me with your presence and power. Make my heart like the heart of Jesus.

Now go have fellowship with Him and His Word.

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2 Responses to What Happened to My Sin Nature?

  1. What a great revelation! I enjoyed reading. I agree with you about how we don’t have a sin nature. Isn’t it liberating! What an amazing God we serve!


  2. kathy says:

    Hi meltingmom! And thanks so much for the follow. I’m so glad you are enjoying my posts. Yes, He is amazing and I love having my sins forgiven. People just cannot know how wonderful this life is until they experience it. Let’s keep telling them, ok? I am so glad to meet you.

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