Resigned to/Embracing the Will of God

We can know the will of God for our lives. God is not withholding anything from us. It may seem sometimes that He is, but I don’t believe that He is. Jesus said He spoke in parables to those who were on the outside. Parables are veiled language, or allegories. It may be a story that points to a spiritual truth. To those who were on the “inside,” Jesus said He would speak plainly. God desires to share the truths of the kingdom with us. He desires us to know His ways and to find His plan for our lives.

Are we simply resigned to the will of God for our lives, wishing His will was different? Do we hate where we live, or our jobs? Do we hate what comes into our lives daily?  Or have we known Him long enough to trust Him, knowing that His will is best, it is good, and we love Him enough to embrace it eagerly? Loving Him makes all the difference in living through and accepting the many things that come into our lives. I see people constantly fussing and grumbling at what happens to them. And, granted, there are hard things in life. I am not belittling that. Do we not believe Romans 8: 28, “We are assured and know that [God being a partner in their labor] all things work together and are [fitting into a plan] for good to and for those who love God and are called according to [His] design and purpose.” (Amplified bible) Do we actually believe this verse? It says that God is using all things to work what He wants in us. Even the very bad things. Bad to us, that is.

I heard Bill Cloud say that what seems bad to us, God sees as good. The example used was the Israelites before they left Egypt with Moses. It was time for them to leave Egypt, according to God’s timetable and a prophecy that they would be there 400 years. The 400 years were up. But they were comfortable in Egypt. Is that any of us? They didn’t want to leave, so God had to get them to a place where they would want to leave. How did he do that? He stirred things up and made their lives difficult by ticking off Pharaoh, who made things harder for them. Some would say that was bad. But finally they left Egypt, heading for the Promised Land, the will of God. Sometimes what is good does not FEEL good to us!

One more thing to note: God is patient with our attitudes in our immaturity, but desires us to eventually trust Him and embrace the path He has set us on. Grumbling and complaining is the sin the Israelites in the wilderness were guilty of. They eventually all died off without getting into the Promised Land, without experiencing God’s best. The next generation was the one that experienced the promise. Praising God is the remedy for grumbling and complaining. Trust His will today. Trust Him. He is good!

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