According to the Pattern, Part 2

The longer I know and walk with God, the more I am convinced that God says nothing, and does nothing without a purpose or a reason. He doesn’t speak without a reason. Whenever He tells us something, there is a purpose and a reason for it. He doesn’t give words of knowledge out just so you can know a secret about someone else. He doesn’t give dreams without a reason. He does nothing that is wasted or is just meant to be gossip or a “prayer request.” God does not gossip. He is not vain. There is purpose in everything He says and does. He is trying to get something accomplished in the earth…and we get to be a part of it! He is trying to bring heaven to earth.

Remember Jesus said this: I only do what I see My Father doing and I only say what I hear my Father say. Jesus was keyed in to only doing and saying what he saw His Father do and say. That’s why Hebrews chapter 1 can say He is the express image of the Father. Jesus always had a purpose and reason behind everything he did.

So knowing this and believing this, I ask, why was God so adamant that Moses follow the plan for the wilderness tabernacle that He showed him on the mountain?

God could not have direct contact with mankind after Adam and Eve sinned. He is too holy and man is not holy. His presence would kill men, without an intermediary. But God longs for a family and He loves mankind, which to me seems obvious as I look at the great lengths He went to to make it possible for His presence to come and dwell in the tent.

In the New Testament time period in which we live now, we don’t need the tent. The intermediary has come in the person of Jesus Christ. When He died on the cross, the huge tent curtain keeping man AWAY from the presence in the tabernacle was torn from the top to the bottom. Angels had to do that because the curtain was very tall. Now the way is open in to the presence of God and all are welcome.

I am grateful for the obedience of those saints who have gone before me. Their lives are an example for me to follow. The scriptures say that these things were written as examples to us. We can learn from their mistakes and their faith.

Pray with me: Dear Jesus, Thank you for the faith of those who have gone before me and the record of their lives that instructs me how to live for You now. As I follow You, let my life, my actions and my words, also be a light for others, helping them to know You and love You.

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