My “Other” Job

In addition to my recent publication of blog posts called “Dogtags and Pearls: Lessons from Heaven,” I also write children’s books.  I have not been a prolific writer of children’s books. I published one in 2013 called, ” A Tale of Two Lambs.” It is the story of the Resurrection told using farm animals and a farmer. My talented friend, Jamie Brannon Haney illustrated it for me.


More recently, I have completed another children’s book. It is “The ABCs of Created Things.” This book came about because I took a class in Adobe Illustrator and a book came out of it! That’s the way I roll!

ABCs Cover

The ABCs book was entirely illustrated by me. It teaches your child the ABCs paired with things in creation, using rhyme. It has been a joy writing and illustrating it. I send it out to the world expecting it to teach and bless the coming generations of little babies. I love little babies. I love children!

In January, I will begin work on a third children’s book, “A Tale of Two Prophets.” Jamie Brannon Haney will again be working with me as the illustrator. The farm animals will be learning a different lesson from God’s word. Stay tuned. We will keep you posted.

If you are interested in any of my books, you can contact me personally through this blog or go to and look them up. They are all there!

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