Things I’ve wondered about…

The new testament calls Noah a “preacher of righteousness.” Who did he get saved? Ever heard a sermon on Noah as an evangelist? Why is that?

Noah lived at a time of great darkness on the earth. There were plenty of mission fields. We don’t see him really getting anyone saved while he spends 100 years building a huge boat… Hollywood’s version of the story depicts people laughing at him while he is building it, which I’m sure is what really happened, because people in darkness always mock the righteous, especially when they speak of impending doom, which is what the ark represented.

So only 8 people got on the ark, when it became time. Wow.

Out of all the population of the earth at the time, only 8 people got on the ark. Only 8 people believed God and were saved from the destruction that came. This might be a picture of how few will respond in the coming end of days when there is deep darkness again on the earth. When the church is gone, the violence and wars that we see now will be intensified because there will be nothing to restrain them. No church, no light.

I am thankful that Noah saved the human race. Even though he might not be a very good evangelist, he still saved the human race. He listened to God and he built the boat. He also gave people a way out. It’s not his fault they didn’t take it.

Dear Jesus, Through Noah’s life, we can see how important it is to listen to You, even when it might not make sense. You don’t live in our time, you live in eternity. So do we in the big scheme of things. Open our eyes and ears to see and hear Heaven’s plans for the future, so that we can cooperate with You.

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