2017, A New Year

I love the beginning of a new year. How about you? It feels like you get to make a new start, a startover, if you will. That’s how it feels when one gets born again, or saved. You get a new beginning. A clean, fresh start.

I will be a bit political here because, this year, we in the United States have reason for great hope for our country. For the Christian, our hope is in Christ, no matter what comes, but for those who aren’t Christians, I say to you, there is reason to hope, no matter what a soon-to-be former first lady says. In 2008 after electing the first President of mixed race, I had hope in Christ,  but because I had done my homework before the election, there was dread…dread of what was to come with the new administration. And the current president has attacked America and Americans. He has reminded me of a Scripture about the illegitimate son of Abraham in the Bible. It was said of Ishmael that “his hand shall be against everyone and everyone’s hand shall be against him.”

After this election, I have great joy. Not because President-elect Trump is any great person. He has done some things that turn my stomach! BUT, I believe in what God is doing, and I believe in Mr. Trump’s heart. I believe he loves the country and wants the best for our country. That means EVERYTHING! I love his fearlessness!

Therefore I am especially looking forward to events in this New Year. And you should too. This country is coming out of its depression. And you should too.  This country is coming out of its joblessness. This country is coming back from the brink. God has given us a great gift in this new president.

It’s gonna be great. And I think it’s gonna be fun. Get ready. God still loves us…and America. He is not finished with us yet.

Oh, and Happy New Year!

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