Jesus loves me, this I know

Life moves rapidly these days and rarely affords people much opportunity to ponder, to reflect, to THINK! Living in a small town may be more conducive to that kind of lifestyle, but even where I live, which IS Small Town America, people run from one thing to another, doing and doing. Because I now work in the midst of this, I find myself caught up in the constant of stuff going on and needing to be taken care of. It takes effort to stop, like Mary did in the Bible…stop “serving” and to simply sit at Jesus’ feet and listen to Him. As then, no value was put on it, as Mary’s sister complained that she needed help with all the serving that needed to happen. But Jesus didn’t stop Mary from what she was doing, and commended her for it. I like that. He said she absolutely had her priorities right! We miss so many things when we don’t listen to the Holy Spirit. We have to choose to walk away from things that are good to get to the things which are the best.


Christmas decorations in Braga–courtesy,

This year, find some quiet time to ponder the fact that God loves YOU! He really really does. I know that because He sent His Son as a baby into this world to pay the price for all of our sins. We are the ones who deserved that punishment, but God did not want to punish us for it. How cool is that? How cool is God! Thank Him for His goodness towards us.

THAT is what Christmas is all about. It’s a celebration of the fact that God stepped into time to rescue the human race.


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