The Times, They Are a-Changing

I never dreamed I would live to see what is going on in our nation. Of course, when one considers the end times, and studies the bible, you are never quite sure how it is going to look in real time. But we are here, I believe. We are steadily marching toward that time period. And not slowly either. Some days it seems events are happening quite rapidly.

How do we as Christians handle this? At a recent prayer meeting, the Supreme Court DECISION (not law) saying that homosexual marriage was Constitutional was being discussed. Wisdom from one national church leader was shared. He said, “The world is doing what the world does. The church needs to keep doing what the church is supposed to do.” That’s perspective. That helps. I liked it. God is not in heaven wringing his hands at events that are happening in America, or in Syria, for that matter. We, as His children, are to act the same. He is not surprised. We may be surprised or afraid, but He is neither.

I do believe He is grieved, however. I am grieved at the depravity of man, how men treat their fellow human beings. That grieves me. And grieving should drive me to prayer. And to reaching people, to loving people so they know that God is real, and that He loves them. I want people to experience the love of God like I have experienced it. Because it has changed my life. If it’s a word of encouragement they need, a hug, a shoulder to cry on, acceptance when they have failed or sinned, I want to be (or introduce) the love of God to them. That is my prayer.

It seems like a slow way to reach people. It seems like we may not have a lot of time, but it’s the only way I know to do it. To make myself available and watch what God does, who He brings along each day. I don’t know any other way to do it.

My husband was praying one day at work while he was watching all the people who were at a gas station. He was asking God, how are You going to reach all of these people? He went on with his work, but was still asking God the question. Pretty soon, he heard a voice behind him say, Hey, how are ya? It was some guy on a bicycle who struck up a conversation with him. He actually wanted some money too, but my husband got to talk to him about God. And he gave him a few bucks too. But he realized, when it happened a second time, that God was answering his question, How are You going to reach all these people? The answer was, one at a time.

Yep, that seems slow to most of us, but it’s the only way I know how to do it.


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