What is Truth?

What is truth? Is there absolute truth? Our society today tends to say there is no absolute truth; all is relative. But we see natural laws in operation and they are absolute, so there must be absolute truth, wouldn’t you say?

What if you didn’t believe in the law of gravity? Would that make it any less real, or true? Would it continue to operate even if you didn’t believe in it?

I say yes. If I were to jump off a cliff because I didn’t believe in the law of gravity, would I be any less dead? No, gravity would continue to work, in spite of my disbelief and I would die anyway. Would that make me a fool? Yes.

So, to those who say they don’t believe the Bible, does that make it any less true? If you have not investigated the claims of Jesus Christ or the Bible, do you really want to stake your life (literally) on disbelieving something you have spent no time investigating? I think that would be foolish.

I dare you to read the entire Bible. Investigate its claims. Investigate all the prophecies that were given hundreds of years before they came to pass, then read about them coming to pass. Really TRY to validate your disbelief.  Base it on something! Then make your decision.

God loves you.

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