My Audience of One

Are you a people-pleaser? Are you afraid to say no to people? Then you probably are a people-pleaser.

We know fear is bad. Fear is bondage. Fear of people’s opinions is bondage. Fear of what they may think of you is bondage. Fear of consequences, if you say no, is bondage. God wants you free. He wants to be your audience. He wants to be the One you concern yourself with pleasing. Everything else will fall into place after that. Oh yeh, you will make people mad when you take this stance. But it’s important.

I started learning about this many years ago before I was really walking with God. I was seeking for Him, but was still living in sin. There was a situation in my life where I needed to make a decision that was going to make someone very upset with me (actually, another situation came up right after this one that also made another person very unhappy, so I was getting a double dose!) While searching for the right answer to this situation and looking for where the peace might be, I found my answer. Yes, the other person was very upset, but I had peace. Why is that? How is that possible? Because the decision, though difficult, needed to be made. It was time. It was a decision I needed to make for myself, even though it would bring pain to someone else. It was then I realized that when I make a decision that is right for me (or what brings me peace), it is also the RIGHT decision for the other person, no matter how much pain it may cause them.

Think about it…God is always looking to bring order into our lives. He brings order out of  chaos. When we are truly searching for His order, or His will, and we find it, it only makes sense that it is also the right action for others, even if it should be perceived negatively. How could it possibly be otherwise when we are dealing with the God who sets things in order? The scriptures speak of how “all things are to be summed up in Christ.” All things are to be reconciled to God.

So if everyone on the earth was seeking the approval of “my audience of one,” this world would be a wonderful place of order! Only when your aim is to truly please Jesus, will you be truly free.

Lord Jesus, help us to seek You and Your will above all things.

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