But I still sin!

If your sin bothers you, you have come to the right place! The true believer is grieved by their sin, and looking for a way out!

In some Christian circles, it is still fashionable to say, “I’m just a sinner, saved by grace.” Personally, I think that may just be a religious statement meant to sound humble. Sounds good, but is it true? Continue reading

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How does God present me faultless?

A scripture that always befuddled me several years ago was Jude 1:24. “Now unto Him who is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy,..”  I had so much sin consciousness then. How was it possible for God to present me faultless? I am not without fault. I sin…sometimes a lot. I’m not talking about smoking, or drinking or cussing. I’m talking about attitude sins, how I treat others. I miss the mark all the time. How is it possible for God to present me faultless?

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Knowing God’s Ways

The first generation of Israelites who came out of Egypt were familiar with God’s acts. He did miraculous signs among them. When Moses was pleading with Pharaoh to let them go from Egypt, they saw 10 different plagues come on  Egypt. Water turned into blood, the land was covered with frogs, then gnats; livestock died, boils showed up on the people, an unusual hailstorm destroyed the food, locusts covered the land, an unusual darkness came and finally, the firstborn of the Egyptians died, while Israel’s was spared. Many of these could be attributed to natural disasters, rather than God’s power, but they were the ways that God dealt with Pharaoh for his rebellion. Read Exodus 7-10.

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Is Forgiving Yourself Necessary?

The self help movement has infiltrated church teachings. If you are not a LOVER of the word of God, you most likely will fall for lies. I believe the whole concept of forgiving yourself is one of them. I have heard this talked about a lot through the years.

Forgiving YOURSELF is not in the Scriptures. Please hear me out. Jesus never commanded it; the apostle Paul never talked about it. What IS in the Scriptures is GOD’S forgiveness that was obtained for you through Jesus’ sacrifice. BIG difference.

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What does it mean to be made righteous?

I was listening to Pastor Joseph Prince talk about Abraham and how he sort of lied to Abimelech the king about his wife Sarah. The story is in Genesis Chapter 20. Abraham was afraid the men of the land would kill him to get his wife, so he told the king that Sarah was his sister (she was a half sister, so it was not entirely a lie, but he left out the wife part). The next thing we see is God appearing to King Abimelech in a dream saying “You are a dead man for taking Abraham’s wife.” The king did not know Sarah was Abraham’s wife, so it’s hard to fault him for the situation. But God gets on his case. We wait to see if he says anything to Abraham, but we never see it. I’ve always wondered about that situation. Pastor Prince said he thought God was getting onto the wrong guy. I tend to agree!

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Can We Command Angels?

I’m not even sure I can answer this question from the scriptures, but it’s something I thought I might toss around and we’ll look at some scriptures pertaining to angels to see what we can learn.

Some charismatic believers in the 1980s thought they could command angels, but can we really? Are angels real? What is their purpose?

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Power Over Our Enemies

Oh my. God has given us power over our enemies, our spiritual enemies, that is. People are not our enemies.

This is a spiritual reality. In the New Testament, we are “seated in heavenly places, far above all power and dominions.” Jesus defeated our spiritual enemy satan on the cross. He did this for us, to give us back the position of dominion over the earth that Adam lost when he sinned. He rendered the devil to be powerless and toothless. His bark is worse than his bite. The only power he has is the power of deception. If he can get us to believe a lie, he wins. We have to know the TRUTH, which is in the Word of God.

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