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God, What Happened to My Dream?

In the book of Genesis, Joseph was a teenager when he had a couple of dreams…dreams which gave him some clues about his future, the thing he would be eventually put in a position to do. His family didn’t get … Continue reading

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Dogtags and Pearls 3 Is In the Works

I am working on a new book, Dogtags and Pearls 3. We are about 2/3 of the way through writing it, but I thought I might give a preview of the cover. My aim is to have it finished and … Continue reading

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Intercession….Not Everyone Flies a Plane

In wartime, there are divisions of soldiers. Not everyone flies a plane and clears the skies…there are ground soldiers who go in and finish battles where the planes are unable to, but the air war  is meant to destroy a … Continue reading

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Believe it or Not, God is “Diverse”

Diversity….a term we have heard much about lately, although other words have superseded it now, such as identity (politics), intersectionality (whatever that is) and the like. I’m going to make the easily provable case that God, even though He stays … Continue reading

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Thankfulness…The Language of the Kingdom

Thankfulness is the language of the Kingdom of God. Praise and thankfulness for God’s love, grace, and His many blessings in our lives impresses Him. Without an attitude of gratitude, one cannot go far with God. If you have children, … Continue reading

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