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Things I’ve wondered about…

The new testament calls Noah a “preacher of righteousness.” Who did he get saved? Ever heard a sermon on Noah as an evangelist? Why is that? Noah lived at a time of great darkness on the earth. There were plenty … Continue reading

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Joseph, Part 2

I talked a little bit about the hardships of Joseph’s life in another post, but really didn’t go into detail. I would like to share some things I believe I have seen by revelation of the Holy Spirit about Joseph.

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Adversity and Suddenly: Joseph

I once heard a teacher say…Joseph, in prison one day, a shower and a shave, and he’s on the throne the next day. Wow, what an amazing turn of events. Joseph must have thought he was dreaming. He probably had … Continue reading

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Forever O Lord, Your Word is settled in Heaven

Can we experience heaven here on earth? I think most of us say there are times we experience joy from heaven…perhaps when your first child is born or when they marry well.

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