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Ya’ Gotta Live It!

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Following The Holy Spirit

I published a children’s book in the spring of 2013. I actually had written the story several years earlier while I was teaching 3-5 year olds at church. Easter came around and I prayed for a way to teach them … Continue reading

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Who or What is Your Precious?

I’m a Lord of the Rings fan. In the Two Towers, a creature named Gollum is introduced. Gollum appears in The Hobbit too, the prequel to The Lord of the Rings, and comes under the spell of a golden ring. … Continue reading

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Give Them Something to Drink

We have some great teachers in the Body of Christ. We have great teachers in the church I attend. Then there are teachers given to the larger Body of Christ that literally have “quenched my thirst” and “fed my soul.” … Continue reading

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Find Out Where God Wants You…Yes, It’s That Important!

Following up a bit on my previous post…our world is in dire straits right now. Wow. Who would have thought that a deadly virus from across the Atlantic would find its way to our country?

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I was Lucky!

I was lucky to get this domain name…dogtags and pearls. By lucky I mean Living Under Christ’s Kingdom. Get it? It only came to me this morning as I put on my dog tag necklace with parts of Psalm 23 … Continue reading

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